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Lamp Drupol No. 21616 TALAMPA designer Josef Hůrka

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Exclusive in the UK to Lighting Salvage Hunters

Manufactured by Drupol Městec Králové, Eastern of BOHEMIA Czech Republic

Designer Josef Hůrka (1920 – 1993) Original design 1960's

The name TALAMPA literally means "The Lamp“

The lamp you are buying is the original design still in production by the original manufacturer Drupol. Slight modifications to meet legal standards are changes to the switch and cable whilst all other components are exactly the same.

Switched push button on cable

Bulb included

Includes a 2 year warranty that covers defects that appear during the warranty period and were not apparent at the time of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product caused by normal or improper use

Packaged in a trendy TALAMPA box with instructions

Suitable for bedside tables, desk, study, home office, office reception, studios, all living areas, Hotels and Boutique Hotels, Bed & Breakfast establishments, galleries and retail display

Highly suitable for gifts, his and hers, children, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother and Fathers Day, wedding gift etc. Best purchased as a pair

The original lamp by the Czech designer Josef Hůrka was created by the renown lighting manufacturer Drupol -1960's.

The factory is in the town Městec Králové (Eastern of BOHEMIA) Czech Republic and still produces the original Lamp Drupol No, 21616

The History from the manufacturer direct

The history of the DRUPOL goes back to 1935, when it was established as a cooperative of agricultural implements manufacturers. Over the past 80 years, the cooperative has produced dozens of different more or less popular products. But all of them could boast of a great deal of handwork and high-quality materials. The time took away some products and they will be forgotten forever, some products our customers remember to this day, such as foot pumps, water pumps (Piccolo) and today already famous red lamp No. 21616 by designer Josef Hurka. It gained the considerable recognition by its inclusion in the list of 100 icons of Czech design. So we are very pleased to introduce you a new line of this legendary Brussels style lamp in the original red color as well as in the other color variations on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of our cooperative. You may argue why we are trying to restore something that was popular in the sixties and has no place in modern times today. But do you retune the radio when the Beatles play? Anyone who meets the DRUPOL No. 21616 lamp after many years is kidnapped by simplicity, straightforwardness and beauty of this lamp. Not in vain we still admire the design of seats in old trams, the shapes of the old truckTatra or Brussels pavilion from Expo (1958). Shine stylishly on the unique 60s - the number 21616 lives again.

NOT PAT tested